The JOY 94.9 Pagespeed challenge

Last May at WordCamp Brisbane, I presented how to get a page speed score in the 90s. Shortly after posting the slides, my friend Avi sent me this friendly tweet:

It was a transparent attempt to goad me into helping out on the JOY 94.9 website, it was something Avi had asked me about previously.

I’d been seriously thinking about helping out as it was, as a way to give something back to the LGBTI community of Melbourne.

Of course I said yes.

An open redevelopment

The redevelopment of the site to improve performance will be happening in the open. I am starting – as I do all projects – with a pattern library, it’s hosted on Github:

JOY 94.9 Pattern Library repository

The generated pattern library is also available (updated periodically):

JOY 94.9 Patterns Library

The JOY 94.9 website

JOY 94.9 has 11,500 podcast episodes in its archives, these require a media player, there are social media widgets to consider. Each program has its own site, with its own archive of episodes.

The web site is a WordPress Multisite install with the primary site being the station’s front page. Multisite is used for its access control capabilities. Each program on the station has a sub-site, there are several hundred of these.

The website is running 41 plugins, including:

Down the track, these will be reviewed for relevancy.

JOY 94.9 is a major media property and it faces all the challenges that go with it. I’ve set myself the goal to make the site seven times faster. Goals are nice to have and why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The redevelopment process

I am not jumping right in and coding a WordPress theme. I don’t think that’s an effective way of going about it. As I mentioned earlier, I am starting with a pattern lab.

For class names, I’ll be using my variation of the SUITCSS naming convention.

I’m creating issues based on each component that needs development. I’ve given the site a bit of a walk through to get the atoms and molecules in the issue tracker, as each stage is completed, issues for the next will be created.

Once the pattern library is complete, I’ll create another repo for the WordPress theme. No doubt I’ll blog a few things along the way.

Thanks to Avi for fact checking this post. JOY 94.9 is always looking for web-savvy volunteers. Members of the GLBTI community and allies can get in touch via [email protected].

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