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  • Noted February 18, 2017

    After a week in Thailand I’m a convert to the bathroom hose, it’s much cleaner. I work on the basis of when in Rome, do as the Romans.

  • Noted February 17, 2017

    Looking forward to a quick dash to NZ next month for WordCamp Auckland. You should come too.

  • Noted February 16, 2017

    Apply! Web Directions really look after presenters both on the day and with workshops beforehand.

  • Noted February 15, 2017

    Applied for a US conference a month ago, relieved to have missed out less than a month into the Trump presidency. It saves cancelling.

  • Noted February 14, 2017

    Wait staff smilingly wryly as I order second breakfast. Related: I’ve been described as a human bin recently.

  • Noted February 12, 2017

    Spending the next week testing out remote working’s “work from anywhere” claim.

  • Noted February 12, 2017

    FYI Australia is a long way from anywhere.

  • Noted February 7, 2017

    The WordPress Melbourne meetup is back for another year tomorrow, join us.

    WordPress Meetup

    Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017, 6:30 PM

    honourable society
    266 Victoria Street North Melbourne 3051 Melbourne, AU

    30 Members Attending

    The WordPress meet up returns for another month. The WordPress Melbourne meetup covers all things related to WP from using it, do developming with it, to building business upon it.We’re always looking for new speakers, so contact the organisers in the sidebar if you have an idea for a talk. We usually start the night with a light meal b…

    Check out this Meetup →

  • Noted February 6, 2017

    Have found I’m doing more these days to control when I catch up on the news. There’s too much bad shit happening to have a constant stream.

  • Noted January 23, 2017

    I usually remember to remove even the commented out var_dumps before committing. I’m a fucking professional.