Rapid Canonical URLs for WordPress

WordPress uses 301 redirects to redirect URLs to their canonical version.

In cases where the non-canonical version will show the correct content, it is possible to use the HTML5 history API to show visitors the correct URL without the additional HTTP request.

This reduces HTTP requests, speeding up access for visitors and reducing the load on your server.

It is strongly recommended you use this plugin in association with an SEO plugin that adds canonical URL meta tags.

How the HTML5 History API works

As an example, this page can be accessed from the URL https://peterwilson.cc/?page_id=220. Normally WordPress would use a 301 redirect to show the correct URL. This process adds an HTTP request when a visitor visits the site.

Using Rapid Canonical URLs for WordPress, the URL updates in the user’s browser using JavaScript, so there is no need for the additional request.

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