Putting the “distributed” in CDN

I wrote yesterday that Google appeared to have taken the “distributed” out of their public CDN hosting of a variety of JavaScript libraries. I even provided some trace routes comparing their CDN to Microsoft’s. I was wrong.

Unlike James Collins, we don’t have terminal access to any servers in Australia. As I’ve detailed before, our sites are hosted in the US. James was kind and diligent enough to do some further testing comparing Microsoft’s CDN to Google’s. He found they resolved as follows:

Location Google Microsoft
Melbourne, AU US Sydney
Sydney, AU Sydney US
Perth, AU Sydney US

If you have the chance, I’d love you to test where ajax.aspnetcdn.com and ajax.googleapis.com resolve to for you. You can do a traceroute and you should be able to work out the destination from host names and response times. Letting me know via twitter is probably easiest, my username is @pwcc.

Obviously, I should have done all this checking before writing the post. By failing to do so, I look a bit of a tit.

Taking the “distributed” out of CDN

Note: After publishing this article, I was given the results of traceroutes from other Australian cities. The results showed I was wrong.

Over on Twitter @bobearth, prompted me to run some trace routes against the Google CDN and compare it to the Microsoft CDN. It appears Google have taken the distributed network out of their CDN.

As you’re probably aware, CDN is an abbreviation for content distributed network. The idea behind them is that American users will be served content from a server located in the US or Canada, Australian users will be served content from a server located in Australia or the Pacific, and so on.