A fitVids do-over

FitVids.js is a jQuery plugin used to create fluid videos. It helps makes video embeds from YouTube, Vimeo and a number of other sources display nicely on responsive sites. FitVids calculates the ratio of a video, wraps it in a div and sets the padding to enforce a ratio. A typical 4:3 YouTube embed starts as: <iframe width=”420″ […]

Responsive Web Design MVP

This is not another responsive web design equals web design post. That particular debate is largely answered every time an m-dot link is shared on Twitter or Facebook. Ethan Marcotte’s landmark A List Apart article defined responsive web design as having three technical ingredients: fluid grids flexible media media-queries. It’s often argued that modern responsive […]

To hell with bad email software

The current state of email clients is such that responsive email is considered one of the most difficult tasks in web-development. It’s time to force the hand of email client developers. In 2001 Jeffrey Zeldman wrote: [Web] standards have been around for years. Browsers that support them have been around for six months to a […]