Vote Yes! Pull Request

Vote Yes! Pull Request is a small collection of custom styles to replace the approve button in Bit Bucket. ?️‍? Add the following to the bitbucket domain using Stylish. @import url(; Why? Because I am not one to let an offhand comment go unimplemented. Replaces ‘Approve’ button with ‘Vote Yes’ in bitbucket? 💯🌈💯 — Tarei […]

Speaking is not the only reason I get nervous at conferences

I used to get nervous in the weeks leading up to a conference talk because I was talking at a conference. These days, it appears I get nervous for an entirely different reason: casual homophobia. Unfortunately in my industry – web development – comments such as these are not rare transgressions.

Web Directions Respond ’15 Summary

I had the pleasure of speaking at Web Directions Respond yesterday. It was a great opportunity to listen to designers and developers from both Australia and internationally. I took notes throughout the day, some of which you will have seen if you follow me on Twitter. The full set are in bullet point form below. […]

BrowserStack hack

A BrowserStack email apparently sent to all users makes it abundantly clear they have been hacked or have a very disgruntled member of staff. Possibly both. The Internet as a whole is asking if this is true, BrowserStack is currently showing a maintenance page. The question people should be asking is “should I cancel my […]