100 words

Jeremy Keith has been writing 100 words a day, he started a few weeks back. Not at least 100, around 100 but exactly one-hundred.

I’m really enjoying reading them, each day bring a new vignette.

Niels Matthijs on Spartan & Fanfic

Niels Matthijs wrote about the coverage of Spartan when it was released a couple of weeks ago.

[To see] other browsers vendors left largely uncriticized for the crap they’re pulling is not good at all. It’s the exact same lenience that led to the disaster that was IE6 and it made our job that much worse.

Noter Live

Over the next couple of weeks I’m looking forward to using Noter Live to live tweet a couple of conferences.

I’ll be running it locally while at Respond and CSSConfAU to minimise network connections over conference wifi or 4G.

I’m using Noter Live as it will make it a cinch to convert the tweet stream to a blog post after the talk.

Git submodule update errors

I run this site using a WordPress Skeleton setup. WordPress runs in a sub-directory as a submodule.

When a WordPress update is released, as it was this-morning, I update my local repo and push it to the site. My understanding is, when I log onto the server I should be able to run the following to update:

git pull
git submodule update

Every time, I get the error fatal: reference is not a tree: followed by the commit’s hash and have to mess around on the server to get the update working.

Answers on Stack Overflow aren’t helping, so any tips? Treat me like an idiot.

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Domain jealousy

I feel slightly jealous of people who own their dot com. Mine’s (!) in legitimate use so I’d feel rude sending an email offering to buy it.

I snapped up peterwilson.com.au when it lapsed earlier this year. Some email and web traffic suggests the previous owner has noticed yet.

Dot ccs are cool.

Imported posts from Big Red Tin

I’ve imported my posts from 2011 and earlier from their old home at Big Red Tin.

Some of them need a little tidying up to point internal links to the correct location, others need to be tagged as obsolete (fallbacks for CSS rounded corners anyone).

It’s been interesting going back and reading some of my old pieces. Although my methods have changed, there’s a good number that I still hold to be true; the importance of !important is one such post.