PageSpeed scores for Apple Watch reviews

Both the Verge and Mashable have published reviews of the Apple Watch.

The Verge review is 8.2Mb with a tad under 500 requests; Mashable’s review is 40Mb with 700 requests. To be fair, they mitigate the effect through lazy loading.

These page weights are ridiculous under the best of circumstances, as demonstrated by the page speed scores:

Site Mobile Score Desktop Score WebPageTest waterfall
Mashable 0 23 Waterfall
Verge 30 49 Waterfall

While PageSpeed focuses on performance there are some usability considerations too. A score of zero basically means a page is both slow and unusable.

By Peter Wilson

Peter has worked on the web for twenty years on everything from table based layouts in the 90s to enterprise grade CMS development. Peter’s a big fan of musical theatre and often encourages his industry colleagues to join him for a show or two in New York or in the West End.

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