Back to the client services game

Friday, work published the post announcing I’ve joined Human Made.

In a relatively short time at the new gig, I’ve started feeling quite at home, in no small part helped by the fact I already knew the Australian humans from within the Australian WordPress community. A lot of the Human Made staff globally contribute back to the WordPress, many of them I had met through Slack channels, at WordCamps or otherwise.

Two years ago I wrote about moving from client services into product development at Exari. I’m incredibly proud of the work I did at Exari, working with the team there helped produce some of the best code I’ve written over the course of my career.

Moving on

After a little over two years at Floate Design Partners, I have decided that it is time to move on. On March 24, I start at Exari in the role of UI/UX Engineer. This represents a move from client services into product development.

Exari makes document assembly software that allows companies writing similar documents frequently, to streamline the process. The demo for non disclosure agreements on the Exari site will give you a good feel for the software.

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