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After a little over two years at Floate Design Partners, I have decided that it is time to move on. On March 24, I start at Exari in the role of UI/UX Engineer. This represents a move from client services into product development.

Exari makes document assembly software that allows companies writing similar documents frequently, to streamline the process. The demo for non disclosure agreements on the Exari site will give you a good feel for the software.

I first worked with Exari when they were a client of Floate’s and I had an opportunity to discover coding challenges, and to get a feel for how they work. It seems like a good fit.

Working at Floate has given me the opportunity to work on a huge variety of projects, from sites for pubs and pizza bars to those of ASX 50 listed companies. In my role there as lead developer I’ve also influenced how others write CSS. Seeing my influence in projects I had nothing to do with is both humbling and terrifying. Mainly terrifying.

The Floate journey actually started as Soupgiant in September, 2009 in partnership with Josh Kinal. At the start of 2012 we took the exceptional opportunity to become part of Floate. Joining Ross’s outfit pushed me to improve and has made me the developer I am today—for which I’m very grateful.

Josh and I have worked together for a around six years, on and off. As such, the move to Exari marks the end of the most long-standing professional relationship I’ve had. That this relationship has been with a friend, too, is something else I’m very thankful for.

In the last two years Floate’s gone through some amazing changes. I’m looking forward to being able to watch their growth from a few blocks away but still just north of the river.

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By Peter Wilson

Peter has worked on the web for twenty years on everything from table based layouts in the 90s to enterprise grade CMS development. Peter’s a big fan of musical theatre and often encourages his industry colleagues to join him for a show or two in New York or in the West End.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Good luck in your continuing professional journey! I feel very lucky already to be able to look forward to working with you here at Exari!

    I hope your transition goes smoothly, and welcome to your new home!

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