Respond 16: Performance – HTTP2 in a 1.5 World

As we transition from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 2, developers need to consider how the visitor’s protocol affects the performance of our sites. Code that improves performance over one protocol, can hinder performance over the other.

HTTP2 is the first major update to the HTTP protocol in around 20 years, taking into account the way we use the web today. Even front-end developers can benefit from an understanding of the protocols.

Earlier this year I spoke about HTTP2 and performance at Web Directions Respond in both Melbourne and Sydney. If you were unable to attend, here’s the video of the Melbourne event followed by the slides.

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Deciding to be wrong

When writing code, you don’t make a considered decision about every line you write. Much of it is instinct, you’re following your standard practises.

Standard practises are based on past decisions. As technology has improved, these decisions may no longer be valid. Without care, it’s easy to become stuck in a cycle of producing outdated code.