Going indieweb

I’ve started the process of going indieweb.

To begin with, I’ll be focusing on siloed posts relating to blog posts on my site. Brid.gy will be used to bring in favourites, replies and retweets via web mentions. Facebook likes may make it in at some stage.

I’d been thinking about owning my own content a bit, party inspired by Jeremy Keith going indy earlier this year. Tantek Çelik – who coined the phrase indieweb – has long taken a similar approach.

The indieweb shortcut

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of doing it, with the aim of bring the whole lot online at once. That’s not going to happen, so it seems sensible to get started with what I can by installing a few WordPress plugins.

I’ve installed the indieweb plugin, which basically tells you what plugins you need to install to get started.

My content, my ethics

I made the decision to just get started after reading Kathy Sierra’s comments about Twitter:

Twitter, for all its good, is a hate amplifier. Twitter boosts signal power with head-snapping speed and strength. Today, Twitter (and this isn’t a complaint about Twitter, it’s about what Twitter enables) is the troll’s best weapon for attacking you.

These comment were part of a much larger post on trolling, go and read it.

Twitter’s handling of trolling, death and rape threats has been bothering me a bit recently. I don’t want such a company owning my content.

By Peter Wilson

Peter has worked on the web for twenty years on everything from table based layouts in the 90s to enterprise grade CMS development. Peter’s a big fan of musical theatre and often encourages his industry colleagues to join him for a show or two in New York or in the West End.


  1. Japheth, I think it worth just biting the bullet and doing it.

    I’ve set up a notes section (type = status) and a filter them off the home page and out of the main feed. Still more I could do but it’s a start.

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