CSSConf Australia ’15 – Day two summary

The second day of CSSConf Australia ’15 took place last Friday.

The day started with Sara encouraging developers to switch to SVG rather than unsemantic CSS hacks, and finished with a call for the open-source community to welcome designers by Una.

Here are my notes from day two. Continue reading “CSSConf Australia ’15 – Day two summary”

CSSConf Australia ’15 – Day one summary

CSSConf Australia ’15 is on at the moment.

The first day started with Matt reminding us to consider the human element of design, and finished with Ben showing how animation can be used to cheat time and add delight.

Here are my notes from day one. Continue reading “CSSConf Australia ’15 – Day one summary”

Web Directions Respond ’15 Summary

I had the pleasure of speaking at Web Directions Respond yesterday. It was a great opportunity to listen to designers and developers from both Australia and internationally.

I took notes throughout the day, some of which you will have seen if you follow me on Twitter. The full set are in bullet point form below.

A disclaimer upfront, this is the first conference I’ve spoken at where tickets cost more than $50. Attendees invested a substantial chunk of their PD budget to be there. The quality of my notes waver as a I get various waves of nerves & adrenaline crashes. Chris Wright has published his notes too. Continue reading “Web Directions Respond ’15 Summary”